Cursed Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap


Cursed Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

Cursed Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episodes of Netflix’s Cursed, Nimue and Arthur arrived at the Fey refuge, Nemos, and Merlin stole Fey Fire from Lord Rugen. In Cursed Season 1 Episode 5, Nimue learned how she and Merlin are connected, and in Cursed Season 1 Episode 6, she met with him.

Merlin and the Sword

Nimue woke to find Arthur guarding her and the sword. Morgana arrived in Nemos and helped Nimue craft a letter to Merlin about the sword. She showed Nimue to a cave housing a Fey sorceress, Yeva, who used her owl to send it to him. On the brink of execution by Uther, the owl dropped the letter to Merlin. Yeva returned to Nimue with a spell that would allow her to speak to Merlin in the Between. The Hidden brought them to a common place, the altar where Lenore died. When Merlin realized this, Nimue understood that Lenore knew Merlin. Remembering the way her father, Jonah, left, Nimue realized that Merlin was her father.

Kaze and Morgana escorted Nimue to some castle ruins to meet Merlin. Nimue wanted answers about his time with Lenore. Merlin explained that the whispers she could hear were the spirits of Festa and Moreii, and their magic could help her. Lenore had saved him by pulling the Sword of Power from Merlin’s body, as it had been poisoning him. They had a romantic relationship, and Lenore explained that she’d been promised to Jonah, though it wasn’t her choice. Lenore refused to give the sword back and lied about having destroyed it.

After the visions, Nimue and Merlin bond. He successfully taught her about harnessing her magic, and she explained that she thought of someone she loved. While Merlin slept, Nimue asked for a vision of what he was hiding. She saw him in Roman times, slaughtering innocents with the Sword of Power. Nimue held the sword to him, but Uther’s soldiers had found them. She escaped with Kaze and Morgana, believing Merlin had betrayed her. Merlin had insisted that he planned to destroy the sword with Fey Fire.

The Green Knight

Cursed Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

At Nemos, Nimue learned that Green Knight had been working to protect the Fey. He was Nimue’s family friend, Gawain. While on a date with Arthur to a Fey Joining, Gawain arrived. He distrusted Arthur and believed Nimue shouldn’t give the sword to Merlin. After Nimue left, choosing Kaze as her escort instead of Gawain or Arthur, Arthur helped Mogwan regain his stolen food. The Red Paladins had been destroying their food supply.

Gawain gathered men, including Arthur and Mogwan, to get more supplies. Mogwan asked to be Arthur’s squire. When Arthur agreed, an arrow pierced his throat. The Weeping Monk had shot it from a distance, along with another one headed for Arthur.

Dark Secrets

Cursed Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

Uther sought counsel from his mother. She urged him to execute Merlin and to align with the Paladins against Cumber, the Viking Ice King claiming to be the rightful heir to the Pendragon throne.

After Merlin survived his execution, he visited the Queen Mother. He knew that she’d given birth to a stillborn and paid the nursemaid to bring her a peasant baby boy. Those knowing about it turned up dead, and one woman disappeared. Merlin knew where she was.

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