Undone Episode 6 Recap


Undone Episode 6 Recap

Undone Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of Amazon’s Undone, Alma confessed the truth to Sam, and Jacob explained that Alma’s brain was like those of shamans and schizophrenics. In Undone Episode 6, Father Miguel offered to help Camila persuade Alma to take the medication, and Alma and Sam conducted an investigation.


The day before Easter, we followed Camila as she helped members of her church community. Father Miguel told Camila that she would be lighting the Easter Vigil candle. When he asked about Alma, Camila admitted she was having trouble persuading Alma to take the medication. He offered to help.

Camila and Becca arrived at Alma’s to invite her to Reed’s family’s house for the food tasting. Alma declined, and Camila told her it was important to her that Alma come to church later. At the tasting, Camila thanked Reed’s mother, Beth, for paying for the wedding and offered to pay for the reception. Beth insisted everything was already paid for. Becca told Camila she couldn’t come to the Easter Vigil mass because the Hollingsworths had invited her. Camila understood but called Alma to make sure she was coming.

Alma had arrived to the candle lighting and stayed through mass. Afterwards, Father Miguel brought up the medication. Alma explained that Camila had filled the prescription without her knowing and that the doctor had said it was her choice. Father Miguel agreed that she shouldn’t be taking it if she didn’t want to. He explained to Camila that she had to respect Alma’s decision. The next morning on Easter, Camila didn’t show up for church.

Connecting in a Meaningful Way

Undone Episode 6 Recap

Alma and Sam went to the San Antonio University building that housed Jacob’s office. They spoke with Nancy, a security guard, who wouldn’t release any records of the break-in the night of Jacob’s death. Alma knew that Nancy’s younger sister, Sofia, had disappeared. She empathized with her, comparing the experience with losing her father. She explained to Sam that she experienced Nancy’s whole life. Nancy found records and let them take pictures of it.


Undone Episode 6 Recap

Next, Alma and Sam went to see Darrold, Farnaz’s boyfriend at the time of her death. He had been interviewed at the time of the break-in. He didn’t want to answer their questions. Darrold explained that he was out of town that weekend interviewing for medical schools. He characterized Jacob as a psycho for getting Farnaz involved in his research.

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