Undone Episode 5 Recap


Undone Episode 5 Recap

Undone Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Amazon’s Undone, Alma went to see a psychiatrist at Camila’s insistence and remembered breaking up with Sam. In Undone Episode 5, Alma confronted Sam, and we saw Alma growing up deaf.


Alma was upset with Sam. She realized that the misplaced pictures and sofa happened because Sam had secretly moved his things back into the apartment while she was in the hospital. He explained that he didn’t want to confuse her after she didn’t remember they’d broken up. While Sam was trying to explain himself on the other side of the bedroom door, Alma removed her speech processor to keep out the sound.

Trying to work through it, Alma brought herself and Jacob into Sam’s memory as a young boy in India. He was moving to Chicago with his family and leaving his friends behind. The American children in his school made fun of his accent so he taught himself how to speak with an American accent. Alma went to the night they met and revisited some happy memories. She left the bedroom to tell Sam that she forgave him. Alma told Sam the crazy-sounding truth: she could see her dead father, who was training her to travel through time to stop his murder.

Own Decisions

Undone Episode 5 Recap

What had bothered Alma about Sam’s dishonesty was that she felt he was making decisions for her. It brought her back to when she was deciding to get her cochlear implant. When Alma was three, she was in the hospital with pneumonia, and she lost her hearing. Her parents enrolled her in a school for deaf children. She enjoyed it and made friends. Her mother urged her to get a cochlear implant when she was older, but Jacob wanted to make sure that she understood that it was her decision. Camiila insisted it would make life easier for Alma, but Jacob understood that she was happy at her school. When she got her implant, Alma had to get used it and say goodbye to her friend at the school.

Large Ventricles

Undone Episode 5 Recap

While Alma was in the hospital as a child, Jacob had analyzed her brain scans. She had larger ventricles like the shamans and priestesses that he interviewed and studied. These larger ventricles also occurred in schizophrenics, like Geraldine, Jacob’s mother. Jacob believed this was key to their abilities to manipulate time.

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