GLOW Season 3 Recap


GLOW Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

GLOW Season 3 Recap

With GLOW moving to Las Vegas for a third season came new struggles for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. While the Vegas show was successful, the grind of doing the same show every night got to them. To close out our GLOW Season 3 recaps, we’re reviewing the ways the GLOW wrestlers and producers changed after the show moved to Las Vegas.


With Bash and Rhonda getting married at the end of season 2, the couple proved to be a well-balanced duo. Rhonda proved to be what Bash needed to make more responsible, savvier decisions. However, Bash, as the primary funder of the show, unilaterally decided to agree to an extension of the show’s run, breeding resentment and distrust. Rhonda was no longer part of the rest of the group, as she now stood in partnership with Bash.

Power Moves

GLOW Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Debbie felt guilty for being away from her son, Randy. She missed some major milestones and resented Bash for overriding her, even though she was also a producer. Debbie slept around with the men working at the casino but eventually found a boyfriend in Tex. Because he had underestimated Debbie, she was able to steal Tex’s deal. She wanted the ability to call her own shots and offered Ruth a chance to be part of it.


GLOW Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Though initially excited about GLOW’s Vegas show, Ruth became bored with her career. She wanted to get back to her acting roots. Watching Sheila blossom into a talented actor in such a short amount of time made Ruth worry that she was wasting her life. When Sam offered her a chance to audition for Justine’s movie, Ruth was excited to have a chance at a real role. Unfortunately, she wasn’t right for the role and blamed Sam for getting her involved. Ruth declined Debbie’s offer, since their visions for her future didn’t align.

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