GLOW Season 3 Episode 5 Recap


GLOW Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

GLOW Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s GLOW, Bash kept adding new performers to the show but said no to a talented drag performer. In GLOW Season 3 Episode 5, Sandy offered to extend GLOW’s run until the end of the year, but three months of performances had already taken their toll on Tammé’s body.

Farewell, Bernie Rubenstein

Sandy’s longtime business partner, Bernie Rubenstein, passed away. She wasn’t allowed to speak at the funeral, so she held her own memorial. Sandy took the moment to tell Bash, Rhonda, and Debbie that she wanted to extend GLOW’s contract with the Fan-Tan at double-scale for the producers. Bash wanted to say yes immediately, but Debbie said it should be a discussion first.

Debbie went to Sandy for advice. She hadn’t planned beyond the three months in Vegas, which were already tough for her. Meanwhile, Bash went to Sam with Sandy’s offer. He wanted Sam to team up with him in persuading Debbie. At the end of the episode, Bash unilaterally decided that GLOW would accept Sandy’s offer, since it was his name and money attached to the show. Anyone who didn’t like it could leave.

Freaky Tuesday

GLOW Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Tammé’s back pain had grown increasingly worse until she threw out her back from sneezing. Reggie brought her a masseuse, who advised her to see a doctor if she was in too much pain. Tammé declined, hoping to just get through to the end of the run. However, Tammé’s role was too physically demanding, and she wanted to be one of the Old Biddies instead. The ladies decided to switch up all the roles to accommodate but also to have fun with a show that had seemed stale.

While some of the switches were problematic (Melrose as Fortune Cookie), others proved to be refreshing (Debbie as Zoya). The switches also introduced some new characters, like Reggie as a nun and, with Bobby’s help, Sheila as Liza Minelli. Sandy was in the audience, and the show stressed Bash out. However, despite the success of the freaky show, Debbie walked in on Tammé in an extreme amount of pain.

Spring Break

GLOW Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Justine was spending her spring break in Las Vegas with Sam. She had written a screenplay and wanted Sam to read it. Justine asked for complete honesty but couldn’t bear to watch Sam read it.

Sam asked Ruth to read Justine’s screenplay. She agreed but was disappointed to find out that, though Sam had completed his own screenplay, it wasn’t what he was asking her to read.

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