Krypton Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

KRYPTON -- "Zods and Monsters" Episode 207 -- Pictured: Staz Nair as Dax Baron -- (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Krypton Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

As Krypton Season 2 Episode 7 opens, we see Zod use the prototype weapon to take down Doomsday. Addressing the people of Krypton, Zod informs them that they will not bend to the terrorists on Wegthor who killed his mother. Krypton has its first space-faring vessels and the Doomsday weapon. Rather than give into fear, they are poised to take their place as conquerors of the galaxy.

Zod has his technician drill down through a millennium of calcification, plaque, and scar tissue in order to access the memories in Doomsday’s head. What they discover is that the creature was a Kryptonian named Dax who agreed to undergo an experimental procedure at the hands of the El and Zod scientists in order to become an indestructible weapon that would end the civil war on Krypton between Argo City and Kandor. Dax left a wife and child behind as he underwent a battery of tests designed to activate his unique genetic mutation that would change his cells and allow him to withstand lethal violence.

The experiment exposes Dax to all sorts of painful tortures, even multiple deaths and resurrections. The Zod scientist protests that they have already put Dax through enough, but the El presses on, even after the war is ended. There will be other wars, she explains, unless they are able to craft an unkillable deterrent. This logic is lost on Dax’s wife,who fights her way into the lab to free her husband. When she sees what he has become, she flees in horror, ultimately breaking Dax’s mind.

Zod tells Doomsday that they are like brothers, each wanting nothing more than to protect Krypton. Together, united, they will do just that.


Krypton Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

On Wegthor, Val send Kem on a mission to find the Sagitari hiding in the tunnels. Adam is miffed that he wasn’t chosen to lead the mission and is stuck taking order from Kem is he wants to come along. When scanners pick up life forms, the rest of the troops want to go in guns blazing, but Kem orders them to do more reconnaissance instead, risking them having the element of surprise. Once the squad knows for sure where the Sagitari are located, Kem orders his squad to stay put while he goes in alone. The others question Kem’s orders, but Adam has his back, telling them that Kem is the commanding officer on this mission and that he gave a direct order.

Kem returns with the Sagitari without incident. They were positioned too close to radioactive materials in the mines and abandoned by Zod when the station blew. Kem orders his squad to feed the radiation-sickened Sagitari, then leads them to the rebel camp where they can receive treatment. For his decision making and saving lives without losing any of his squad, Val promotes Kem to commander.

Fortress of Solitude

Krypton Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Instead of taking Brainiac to his ship, Seg brings Nyssa and Cor to the Fortress of Solitude in order to try and extract Brainiac’s nanites from Seg’s brain. Brainiac attempts to fight this, using Seg to break the machine that would have performed the removal. That forces Nyssa to have to manually remove the nanites, which are placed inside the Fortress’s computer for safe keeping.

Seg asks to hold his son for the first time without Brainiac in his head. Nyssa explains her desire to re-christen the child Cor-El, so he isn’t saddled with the shame of the Vex name. The holographic projection of Val in the Fortress’s computer describes the tradition of taking the first name of an El ancestor when adopted into the family and suggests his father’s name, Jor-El. Seg and Nyssa agree.

An alarm in the Fortress states that the nanites are no longer in containment. Scans of Jor and Nyssa show that they are free from contamination. Seg is convinced that Brainiac is trying to use him again, but Brainiac reveals that he has infected and taken over the Fortress’s computer. Brainiac calls for his ship, which appears momentarily in the skies above Kandor before Brainiac beams aboard. Before leaving, Brainiac invites Seg to see the universe with him and help him preserve the unique culture they find. Seg vows he’ll never join Brainiac. Aboard his ship, Brainiac explains that he no longer wishes to bottle Kandor. The best of Krypton isn’t a city, it’s the bloodline of the House of El. Brainiac beams Jor aboad his ship, then disappears, leaving a distraught Nyssa wailing in Seg’s arms.

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