The Boys TV Series: Every Easter Egg and Reference in the Comic Adaptation


The Boys Declassified – Episode 3

The Boys Declassified will take each episode of the Amazon Prime Series (watch it by clicking here) and put it under a microscope, dissecting it in detail, annotating the changes made from the original comics and pointing out any worthwhile trivia or Easter eggs we might find! Read about it all below!

For parlance, any reference to “The series” means the television series, instances referencing the comic book series will note as such.

Come back and read after you’ve watched the episode because we’re talking full spoilers for the TV series; spoilers for the comic books will be noted and must be highlighted to be read. Like this, HIGHLIGHT SPOILERS: Just an example! Keep reading!

“Get Some”

Once again, the title comes directly from the comics with issues #7 – #10 composing the “Get Some” arc.

Translucent clean up

In the context of the series it makes sense why The Boys would need to clean up after Translucent’s death (again, all a creation for the series), in the comics they probably would have just left it as is.

“Date rape video”

The video of Annie saving a woman from being assaulted in an alley is all an invention for the series, but something in keeping with Annie as a character and also how Vought would no doubt spin it to fit their own agenda.

Easter egg alert: “Seth & Evan from marketing” is a funny reference to executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Starlight’s new suit

The skimpy new suit given to Starlight is ripped right out of the pages of the comic, though the one in the source material is even more racy than the one seen here.

A-Train vs Shockwave

The race between the two speedsters is something new for the series, in fact the character of Shockwave isn’t even a hero in the comics as far as I can tell.

Hughie’s fandom

Hughie rips down posters and tosses Funko pops of members of The Seven across his room in the series, but in the comics he doesn’t know any of the supes from Adam when the story starts.

Frenchie’s father

Frenchie shares a story about his abusive father in the series, which would be a departure from his relationship with his dad in the series.

Mother’s Milk

The introduction of Mother’s Milk including what he’s doing with his life and his disinterest in returning to The Boys is directly from the comics. In the source material he makes a reference to working with kids and that he’s “making a difference,” but we never see it, so the series showing that is new but still in line with the books. One thing ripped right from the page though is his “Bad Ass” mug!


Mother’s Milk mentions “It’s always about Becca” for Butcher, a point we’ll hide behind a spoiler warning.
Highlight for Spoilers: In the series Becca is Butcher’s wife, a slight change from the comics where she is referred to as “Becky,” but they’re both shortenings of the same name.

“Mr. Edgar”

Stillwell points out that Homelander’s new talking points were written by a “Mr. Edger.” No further relevance of who this is is given in the series, but in the comics Mr. Edgar is the head of Vought who never does appear in the comics.

MM and Frenchie

The two have a contentious relationship in the series because of an event I won’t name, but this animosity isn’t present in the comics. Though new for the series, it seems in character for both.


As outlined previously, PopClaw is a character directly from the comics and a riff on the Marvel character X-23. There are some changes though as the PopClaw in the comics looks more like Lisbeth Salander than the version in the series, she also engages in self harm in the comics, a trait absent from the series. Her relationship with A-Train is also an invention for the series, as the character is implied to be gay in the comics.

Homelander and Queen Maeve

The duo imply a past relationship in this scene which isn’t exactly what happened in the comics but the two do have a history in the source material. Later on Homelander implies he’d react poorly to someone else being with Maeve, which is in keeping with his attitude but something new for the series.

Compound V

In the series Compound V is shown to be more of a superpower enhancing drug, a change from the comics.

Homelander doesn’t know Butcher

As the crowd watches the race, Billy watches Homelander and Homelander stares right back…without any idea who he is. This is a pretty drastic change from the starting given status quo of the comics, but something needed for the series to build up to in its narrative.

Hughie realizes Annie is a supe

Hughie spots Annie at the race and realizes she’s a sueprhero, which is a much earlier revelation in the story than when it happens in the comics. He also reacts…much better.

“Coming for you”

The box of Translucent’s remains with the message painted on it is new for the series, but something that definitely would have happened in the comics.

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