The Boys TV Series: Every Easter Egg and Reference in the Comic Adaptation


The Boys Declassified – Episode 4

The Boys Declassified will take each episode of the Amazon Prime Series (watch it by clicking here) and put it under a microscope, dissecting it in detail, annotating the changes made from the original comics and pointing out any worthwhile trivia or Easter eggs we might find! Read about it all below!

For parlance, any reference to “The series” means the television series, instances referencing the comic book series will note as such.

Come back and read after you’ve watched the episode because we’re talking full spoilers for the TV series; spoilers for the comic books will be noted and must be highlighted to be read. Like this, HIGHLIGHT SPOILERS: Just an example! Keep reading!

“The Female of the Species”

Once again, the title comes directly from the comics. Issue #38 of The Boys tells the full origins of The Female and the full title is “The Female of the Species Is More Deadly Than the Male,” a reference to the Rudyard Kipling poem.

Becca & Terror

We see a flashback of Butcher with Becca and his dog Terror is even there! Pay close attention to this dialogue exchange because they’re talking about The Spice Girls, something that gets brought up again later. The Spice Girls bits aren’t from the source material and hearing Butcher talk about them is little strange as a comic reader, but it’s a fun bit.

Working with the CIA

Billy’s scene with Susan may take place about halfway through the series, but it feels like the scene from the first issue of the comic. Similar but not exact.

The Noodle Shop

The whole bit of having a Noodle Shop with The Female in the basement is an invention for the series along with the deliveries of Compound V beind made by A-Train. However, the history of The Female being kept in a cage because of her abilities is from the comics.

The Female

The Female is the most deadly member of The Boys in the comics, and is already well known to the other members when the comics begin. Them discovering her and attempting to tame her is covered in the comics but is limited to a few pages of one issue rather than fully explored.

“Uncleanch your A**hole”

I’m about 90% certain this is a direct reference to some semi-recurring dialogue between Frenchie and MM in the series. The pair at least reference this in Issue #49.

The Deep’s therapist

The scene with The Deep and his therapist is an invention for the series, though there is precedent in the comics for a superhero to be visiting a therapist (just a different hero from The Deep).

Flight 37

The sequence of Homelander and Queen Maeve attempting to stop the hijacked plane is similar to something that happens in the comics, just under different circumstances.
Highlight for comic spoilers: As mentioned previously, in the comics, the events of 9/11 play out quite differently than they did in reality. NORAD manages to take down three of the four hijacked jets, resulting in the Twin Towers and Pentagon never being hit. The Seven are dispatched to handle the fourth jet and things go poorly, the events of which are remarkably similar to the scene shown in the series here, right down to the plane going down and everyone dying.

Nail Salon

The Female visiting the Nail Salon is an invention for the series, but her animalistic way of killing people is spot on.

Bowling date

Hughie and Annie’s date is new for the series, but seems like something that would have happened in the comics, though perhaps not after Hughie discovered Annie’s secret. On that note, Hughie bugging Annie’s phone to use as a source for The Boys is new for the series.

Believe Expo

A commercial appears on the TV about the Believe Expo, a Christian-themed superhero event straight out of the source material.

Subway hunt

The hunt for The Female in the subway is similar to how The Boys capture The Female in the source material, down to the smoke grenades they use to sedate her. Though these events transpire in a sewer in the comics.

Easter Egg alert: In the subway station a coffee joint named “Jitter Bean” can be seen in the back of a few shots, this coffee location is directly from the comic books, appearing as early as issue #2 with the EXACT same logo.

Frenchie’s Dad story #2

Frenchie tells another tale about his father which doesn’t align with his depiction in the comics, but the physical evidence he presents in his own scars makes it seem like he’s telling the truth.

Robin Hallucinations

Hughie having hallucinations of Robin while on his date doesn’t hail from the source material, but seems in line with something that might have happened. The comics aren’t nearly that trippy though and don’t lean into anything like that.

Mallory’s grandkids

What happens with Mallory’s grandkids (“getting torched by Lamplighter”) is what happened in the source material but it sounds like the reasoning for which is different.
Highlight for comic spoilers: In the comics, The Boys blackmail The Seven into giving up one of their own or else they’ll release proof into the world about what actually happened on 9/11 (in addition to other dirt). The Lamplighter doesn’t take kindly to their threats and follows the team after the meeting, then does the above.

Oceanland Rescue

The Deep’s rescue of the dolphins is an invention for the series, but the results for which feel 100% in tone with the source material. Absolutely hilarious.

Flight 37 wreckage

This is a new scene, and the Homelander’s openness to wanting to be in the military is a change for the story that the series is telling. In the comics, Homelander is more interested in….well in just being the most powerful person on Earth and doing whatever he wants.

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