Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap


Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap

Now that we’ve had a week to digest the series finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, we are recapping the season’s main arcs.

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The Arrival

Jon Snow arrived in King’s Landing with Daenerys Targaryen and her armies. She had pledged to help Jon fight the Army of the Dead, and Jon bent the knee to her. Unfortunately, the people of the North, including Sansa and Arya, hadn’t exactly warmed to her. Upon learning that Daenerys had executed Sam’s father and brother, Sam spilled the beans to Jon: he was the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

After the battle plans were formed, all anyone could do was sit around and wait for the oncoming wight army. Arya and Gendry got busy, and Theon and Sansa shared a meal. Jaime knighted Brienne.

The Long Night

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Death came to Winterfell in the form of a persistent horde. We lost Lyanna Mormont as she triumphantly took down a zombie giant. Her cousin, Jorah, died while protecting Daenerys. We finally learned the purpose of Beric’s resurrections. The Lord of Light wanted him alive to save Arya.

While Jon was messing around with Viserion, Theon fell while protecting Bran, who was serving as bait for the Night King. Just as the Night King went after Bran, Arya killed him with a knife trick and a Valyrian steel stabbing.

Unkept Secrets

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Jon went against Daenerys’s wishes and told his sisters about his true parentage. Sansa told Tyrion, who told Varys. Varys feared that Daenerys was mad like her father and now felt that Jon should be the next ruler of Westeros. It became his duty to spread the word about Jon, and he even tried to poison Daenerys. As her Hand, Tyrion told Daenerys about Varys’s betrayal, though she already suspected. She executed Varys.

The Destruction of King’s Landing

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At King’s Landing, Daenerys lost another dragon and her closest friend, Missandei. Cersei surrendered quickly and quietly, but Daenerys used Drogon to ignite the city. She killed many innocent civilians, and in the rubble of the Red Keep, Jaime and Cersei died in each other’s arms. Daenerys arrested Tyrion for setting Jaime free, and his pleas to Jon led to him killing Daenerys. Drogon melted the Iron Throne and left with Daenerys’s body.

Months went by and Tyrion was summoned to a council of the remaining Lords and Ladies of Westeros. They chose Bran to be the new king at Tyrion’s suggestion. Sansa became Queen of the North, an independent nation. Arya sailed off in a ship to explore the lands beyond the maps. Jon joined the Night’s Watch again, and we saw him ride off with the wildlings beyond the Wall.

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