Runaways Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Leslie is in a bad way with the Church in Runaways season 2 episode 11. After resisting the reconditioning, Leslie tells Frank that there’s nothing he can do to keep her from shutting down the Church. Frank decides that Leslie needs a more intense experience and ships her off to the Crater, where nameless adherents of the Church ignore Leslie’s claims that the Church is all a lie. One such adherent, S4E2R, tries to get Leslie to give up her name and sign the contract allowing the Church to indoctrinate her as the Church sees fit, for however long that takes. Leslie breaks into the office at the Crater and steals the file on her captor, revealing that S4E2R is Leslie’s mother Susan. Susan tells Leslie that she doesn’t have an army large enough to destroy the Church, and that such a conflict would be bad for the baby that Leslie is carrying.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 11

Dale and Stacey try to pry information about where the kids are hiding by doping up Chase and injecting him with sodium pentothal. When Tina comes to check on what the Wilkes’ have been up to, Stacey locks her in the basement with Chase, Gert, and Old Lace. Tina tells the kids that PRIDE has upgraded its weaponry and is ready to go to war to bring the kids home. They should either run and never stop running or give up and go to their respective homes.

Janet meets Victor outside a clinic where he declares that the doctors told him he is in prime health. Janet questions the whole idea of neutralizing the kids and wonders whether it might be faster to make an emotional appeal to the kids. Victor poo-poos her idea, but Janet’s subtle appeal to Victor’s ego results in him doing just that. Using the phone landlines, Victor runs a program that identifies Chase on the other end of an automated phone call. Victor tells Chase that Janet isn’t aware of it, but Victor did not see his doctor. Victor says he is in bad health, doesn’t have long to live, and wants to see his son again before it’s too late.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 11

While Nico recovers, Molly, Alex, and Karolina rescue Gert and Chase from the Wilkes’s home. Dale shoots Old Lace, knocking her out, and the kids are forced to leave her behind. Back at the hostel, Nico performs a wiccan ritual to unbind herself from the staff and hides the staff in a hole in the wall of her bedroom.

Needing a break, the kids decide to use the money they found in the strike team’s wallets to throw Molly a quinceanera. While out shopping, one of the aliens from Jonah’s ship finds and connects with Karolina, conforming that the aliens are still alive and hiding among the humans, using them to achieve whatever end they have in mind. The distraction of the party lifts everyone’s spirits, if only for a time. When Gert goes to ask Chase to sleep in her room after the celebration, she finds him packed and ready to leave without saying goodbye.

Gert calls Chase a coward and makes him stand in front of everyone and tell them that he’s leaving, not letting him slink off into the night. Chase says he has learned that he doesn’t have to go along with the group when he doesn’t agree with the group anymore. He says that it no longer feels right for him to stay with them, that he is needed elsewhere. Chase meets his parents on the street, and they welcome him home.

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