Runaways Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

AWOL is holding Livvie hostage in order to find the kids in Runaways season 2 episode 10. AWOL takes Livvie to the black box site. When she won’t give up the team’s location, AWOL has the strike team abduct Xerxes from Tamar until Livvie is willing to take the strike team to the hostel. While Alex and Chase are trying to figure out how to get help for Gert and Old Lace, the strike team trips the motion alarm. Nico hides the entrance to the hostel with a camouflage spell while the two sides communicate via intercom.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 10

Victor is using the alien tech from the Abstract to build a brain scrambler in order to keep Nico from casting a spell should the adults need to confront the kids again. Janet protests. Victor’s plan and the past abuses in their relationship make her nervous,causing her to make a mess in the lab. Victor is unphased where he would have been upset in the past. He tells Janet that she needs to relax and the pair make love in the lab.

An hour later, Victor has forgotten what transpired between the two. When Tina arrives, Janet tells her that she’s worried about Victor. However, Tina is also acting out of character. She flirts with Janet and tries to get Janet to turn on the brain scrambler. Upset, Janet storms out as Victor re-enters the lab. Victor and Tina both admit to one another that they are neither Victor nor Tina. That evening, Victor posts flyers around town in the alien language. Jonah’s voice narrates the poster, stating that if any others survived the destruction of the alien ship to contact Victor or Tina.

Leslie is trashing the Church’s files from her office when Frank tells her to stop, and adds that he needs this. Leslie tells Frank to choose between their relationship and the Church. Frances and Aura resist when Leslie tells them that she is shutting down their runaway program. Frank has Leslie led to a reconditioning room, where Leslie is strapped down and held against her will.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 10

Nico struggles to hold the spell hiding the group, forcing Alex to change their plans. Chase gets Gert and Old Lace out in the car while Alex draws AWOL into the hostel, where he is captured and bound. Again, Nico overextends herself by using a spell to fortify the hostel, with the combined effect of the two spells leaving her weakened and unable to disarm the strike team when they enter the building. Alex and Karolina drag Nico up the stairs while the strike team advances on them. The staff takes control of Nico, corrupting her and making the officers disappear. Molly rescues Livvie, who tells Alex she needs to go and protect her family and he needs to stay and protect his.

Chase takes Gert to her parents’s lab. Stacey has an antidote to whatever she placed on Old Lace that made her sick. Before she can administer it to Gert, Chase stops her and says that she needs to give the antidote to Old Lace, not Gert. Dale, forced to choose between the boy who brought Gert home or the wife who he hardly recognizes anymore grabs the syringe and injects it into Old Lace. Both the dinosaur and Gert are starting to feel better when they and Chase realize that the Wilkes have locked the three of them in the lab.

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