Runaways Season 2 Episode 9 Recap


Runaways Season 2 Episode 9

Runaways Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Nobody trusts a crooked cop in Runaways season 2 episode 9. After letting herself be caught so the rest of the team could escape from the hotel, Molly is taken by AWOL to a black box, not the police department. There, Flores cuts AWOL out, telling him to go home. Flores threatens to torture Molly until she gives him the location where the rest of the team is holed up. Molly breaks her handcuffs and has Flores overwhelmed by the time the rest of the gang shows up to free her.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 9

Following the incident at the black box site, Flores rages at PRIDE, saying that they hadn’t prepared him for the kids having special abilities. Flores tells PRIDE that he’s a better man than to leave them in the same state. Flores tells them that the kids have pieced together PRIDE’s crimes and are gunning for them. The members of PRIDE agree that it was foolish of them to think that just because Jonah’s gone that they are suddenly in the clear. Victor proposed that they build a weapon that will protect them and their kids, when the kids come for them. Robert agrees to help.

At the lab, Janet tells Victor and Robert that as awkward as it might be for all of them, she was the one who deciphered the Abstract and built the anti-gravity dampening device. She wants in on their project. Meanwhile, Stacey is working on her own project in secret, keeping Dale in the dark. The project appears to involve the Wilkes’s drone, which sprayed some sort of chemical on Old Lace while she was out hunting.

Geoffrey and Catherine go to Tamar to arrange an exchange of protection–Geoffrey will send security for Tamar and her family if Tamar will let her know as soon as she sees the kids again. However, Tamar had made another deal with AWOL, offering to keep him in the loop with PRIDE’s business if he’ll leave her family alone.

AWOL takes advantage of PRIDE’s distrust of Flores to broker a deal with them. AWOL shows that Flores has kept files on PRIDE as a way to further extort them when the group disbands and has no more work for him. AWOL agrees to take out Flores as long as he gets to be the point person for PRIDE’s dealings with the police. Once that’s done, he will find the kids, even if it means kidnapping Livvie to lead him to them.

Tina and Stacey both appear to be suffering from temporary mind control or possession, potentially as a result of their showdown with Jonah and the destruction of the ship.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 9

Livvie gives Alex the footage she has that serves as Darius’ alibi and shows AWOL as the shooter at the hospital. Alex keeps his plans to himself as he leads the team into a confrontation with AWOL. Nico frees them by pausing AWOL and the strike team. Later, Alex tries to cut a deal with AWOL–the files Flores has on PRIDE in exchange for keeping AWOL and the strike team out of the mess when PRIDE is exposed. Instead, AWOL uses Flores’ information to broker his deal with PRIDE and is coming for the kids.

After being sprayed, Old Lace won’t eat. As she becomes more and more ill, Gert does as well. The two collapse together, with the team concerned that both are dying. Meanwhile, Kaolina hears an ethereal female voice that says she has been looking for Karolina for a long time.

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