Camping Season 1 Recap


Camping Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Camping Season 1 Recap

HBO’s Camping followed four couples on a group camping trip to celebrate Walt Jodell’s birthday. However, not everything went according to plan for Kathryn, Walt’s wife. To close out the first season, we’re recap the journeys of each of the four couples and how this camping trip changed them for better or worse.

Kathryn and Walt

Kathryn bossed Walt around until Walt couldn’t take it anymore. What’s more, Walt admitted to the guys that they haven’t had sex for years, since Kathryn’s hysterectomy. While on drugs, Kathryn attempted to regain control and she finally wanted to have sex with Walt again. However, Walt refused. He very briefly had sex with Jandice and confessed on the ride home. Kathryn cried when she learned about it, but she also held his hand.

Nina-Joy and George

Camping Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Nina-Joy and George seemed to have reconciled after she cheated on him with Braylen, a young poet. But George’s rage issues swung Nina-Joy back towards Braylen, if only for a brief moment. When she changed her mind, George admitted that they could be together, but it wouldn’t be the best for them. Nina-Joy left with Braylen, and George drove back by himself.

Carleen and Joe

Camping Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Carleen was too soft-spoken and wishy-washy, so she let Joe walk all over her. Joe fell off the wagon hard with drugs and alcohol, much to Carleen’s dismay. When Carleen went missing, Joe’s daughter, Sol, berated him for not caring, when deep down he really did care. Once she was back, Carleen found her voice and conviction. Joe realized what he had with Carleen and promised to go back to rehab.

Jandice and Miguel

Camping Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Rebounding from his breakup with Margaret, Miguel immediately fell in lust with free-spirited Jandice. Jandice’s neo-hippie, openly-sexual attitudes influenced the rest of the group. But when she found a ring that Miguel was forced to purchase, she assumed he wanted to get married. When he backpedaled, she lost her attraction to Miguel and moved in with Harry, who took care of Jandice after Kathryn broke her nose.

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