Camping Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


Camping Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Camping Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode  of HBO’s Camping, Kathryn and Joe both fought with Carleen while grocery shopping for lunch. Camping season 1 episode 6 began after Kathryn’s open-faced sandwich bar lunch when they realized no one had seen Carleen since they got back from the shopping trip.

Untrained and Unskilled

No one could remember if Carleen had shown up to lunch. Kathryn insisted that Carleen would take off just to get attention. Walt was worried about her and yelled at Kathryn when she wasn’t concerned. He went to see Harry to help him locate a park ranger who could search for Carleen.

When he arrived at Harry’s trailer, she was distraught. She pulled herself together when Walt asked for a park ranger. Harry was a park ranger, though her deputy had retired. Walt volunteered to be her deputy.

While Harry and Walt searched the park, Harry revealed that her wife Nan had left her because Harry wanted to be a mother. Harry asked Walt if Kathryn suffered from mental illness. He characterized Kathryn’s obsession with her illness as her favorite hobby. While Harry and Walt bonded over having difficult partners, the main difference was that Harry put up with it because of the sex, while Walt wasn’t even having sex with Kathryn.

Younger Sister

Camping Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Kathryn decided to search for Carleen after all. Jandice joined her after likening Kathryn’s relationship with Carleen to her relationship with her own sister, Craysia. Jandice tried to get Kathryn to talk about her feeling uninvited by her friends and how she and Walt met. They seemed to be bonding and even sang a song loudly as they wandered off the trail and got lost.

But once Jandice brought up sex and how she felt that Kathryn was attracted to Miguel, Kathryn came to her senses. Kathryn told her that she had made up Craysia, and they argued. Jandice hitchhiked back to the campsite, and Kathryn refused to go with her.

“Open Your Eyes”

Camping Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Walt and Harry found a knitted bootie that belonged to Carleen. When they brought it back to camp and showed Joe, he claimed he didn’t recognize it. Sol made him feel terrible about not caring, and Joe broke down. He desperately had to find Carleen.

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