The 10 Best New York Horror Movies By Borough

The Big Apple has played host to some big monsters: serial killers, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons and even The Devil himself. What New York’s boroughs lack in civility they make up for in prime accommodations for creatures of the night, and after and evening of killing a blood spattered sidewalk is always a bodega manager’s hose away from being swept clean in the morning.

In anticipation of the Blu-ray/DVD release of Scott Derrickson’s Bronx-set Deliver Us from Evil, we’re running down borough by borough

House of Cards’ James Foley Boards Jacob’s Ladder Project

The project reported on earlier this year as a remake of Adrian Lyne’s 1990 cult hit Jacob’s Ladder, The Wrap today reports that the untitled film, now said to be more of an homage, has found a director in “House of Cards” helmer James Foley.

The original film starred Tim Robbins as a Vietnam veteran living in New York City named Jacob Singer. Haunted by his past, Singer begins a descent into madness that threatens to blend reality and delusion with the threat of a Dante-inspired damnation.

The new take on the property is said to reexamine the themes of the original against a contemporary backdrop. When a Stranger Calls screenwriter Jake Wade Wall is said to have worked on an earlier iteration of the new script with Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train) is providing the latest draft.