Watch: ‘Snowden’ Teaser Trailer Offers Texted Look at Oliver Stone’s Latest

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Snowden

Open Road

The first trailer for Oliver Stone‘s Snowden has arrived and it doesn’t offer anything more than words leading to “One nation, under surveillance, for liberty and justice for all.” Oooooh, deep stuff…

The film obviously sets out to tell the story of controversial whistleblower Edward Snowden played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Stone wrote the screenplay based on the books “The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man” by Luke Harding and “Time of the Octopus” by Anatoly Kucherena and directed the film, which hits theaters on Dec. 25. Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Olyphant, Rhys Ifans, Joely Richardson and Nicolas Cage costar.

Watch the trailer below.

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