White Lies: Benicio Del Toro to Star in Oliver Stone’s Latest Film


White Lies: Benicio Del Toro to Star in Oliver Stone's Latest Film

White Lies: Benicio Del Toro to Star in Oliver Stone’s latest film

The Hollywood Reporter has news that director Oliver Stone (Savages) will once again join forces with actor Benicio Del Toro (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) for his latest film, White Lies. Production is set to begin in New York City this coming spring. Stone and Del Toro previously collaborated on the 2012 film Savages.

The drama, written and directed by Stone, will tell the story of Jack (Del Toro), a man who attempts to fix his troubled marriage by going on a “lust-filled journey” in order to find himself. Eventually, he starts to rediscover who he really is after he meets a woman whose life is very different from his own.

Stone, always a politically-minded filmmaker, has recently helmed scores of docu-series for Showtime, including The Untold History of The United States, and Guantanamo, which is currently in pre-production. Stone’s most recent narrative feature, Snowden, was a biographical thriller that told the story of embattled whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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Del Toro, meanwhile, recently made an appearance in the MCU’s mega-crossover Avengers: Infinity War, reprising his Guardians of the Galaxy character, The Collector. He will also start in the upcoming limited series Escape at Dannemora, about a real-life 2015 prison break that set off a manhunt for two convicted killers. The series will premiere this November on Showtime.

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