Nic Cage is Unintentionally Hilarious in ‘Outcast’ Trailer


Outcast trailer

It’s almost hard to believe Nicolas Cage only has 71 films to his credit (not including those in pre-production) on IMDb. It seems like every time I turn around there’s a new one to discuss and this trailer for Outcast boy do I have a doozy of a storyline for you.

Here Nicolas Cage plays Arken, a mysterious warrior — “I am the White Ghost!” — who teams up with the daughter and son of a deposed Chinese Emperor to defeat their cruel Uncle, who seeks their deaths. Hayden Christensen and Yifei Liu co-star with stuntman-turned-director Nick Powell at the helm and a screenplay from James Dormer (“Strike Back”).

The accent Cage is putting on here is hilarious and I guess this one also answers that age old question: “Whatever happened to Hayden Christensen?” Come to think of it, wouldn’t it have been better if this was set in present day and Cage was a delusional LARPer who goes on a mission to find the real Hayden Christensen only to learn he’s being held captive by a rival LARPer gang? Okay, maybe not, but anything seems like it would be better than this.

Watch the Outcast trailer below. IMDb says it’s coming out February 27, but there isn’t a U.S. distributor listed so I’m not sure I’d count on that.

Ancient China – Princess Lian and her younger brother, Zhao, flee for their lives when their father, the Emperor, is murdered by his ambitious eldest son Shing. Pursued by Shing’s black guards, the royal runaways find protection in the form of Arken, a hardened knight seeking redemption from the traumatic nightmares of the Crusades as he searches for his former friend and mentor, Gallain, now a notorious bandit on the silk road. Their grueling journey sees an unlikely romance bloom between the refined princess and the gruff warrior and Zhao learns the true meaning of leadership from this western warrior. Setting aside their differences, Aarken and Gallain once again fight side by side in an epic and unwinnable battle against Shing and his forces – only this time they are fighting for something they both believe in.