Watch New ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Trailer, One of the Best Films of the Year


Inside Llewyn Davis trailer
Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund in Inside Llewyn Davis

Photo: CBS Films

On the heels of me naming Joel and Ethan Coen‘s Inside Llewyn Davis one of the best films of the year so far, CBS has released a brand new trailer (via IMDb) giving you a new look at the film, which most recently played the New York Film Festival.

Here’s a snippet from my review out of the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year:

One of the film’s greatest attributes, however, is the Coens’ sense of timing. The scene with F. Murray Abraham, [which] comes at exactly the right moment and they don’t play it as a musical insert as most films would. It’s not a moment where the lead character plays only one verse of a song and we’re meant to pretend he played the whole thing. The Coens allow the music to be just as much a part of the film as the characters and their timing is perfect.

You can read the full review right here.

The film follows the title character (played by Oscar Isaac) as he navigates the the folk music scene of Greenwich Village of the early 1960s and it has all the hallmarks of a great Coen brothers film.

Inside Llewyn Davis hits theaters on December 6, but you can check out the new, three-minute trailer directly below.

NOTE: Like the previous trailer, this one has story spoilers and would suggest if you prefer to go in cold, then don’t watch it, or maybe skip forward to the 60-second mark or so.

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