New Red Band Trailer for the Hockey Comedy ‘Goon’


Goon red band trailer
Seann William Scott in Goon
Photo: Magnet Releasing

While I was in Toronto I heard Michael Dowse’s hockey comedy Goon was actually quite good and wasn’t the giant cliche-ridden film an early bootleg trailer seemed to indicate. However, now that a new red band trailer for the film has arrived I’m still getting the same vibe I did back in July… the use the “number 69” joke is particularly disheartening.

The film centers on a bouncer (Seann William Scott) who is hired to purely based on his fighting skills to serve as an enforcer on a semi-pro hockey team. It would seem Jay Baruchel becomes his biggest supporter, Alison Pill becomes his girlfriend, Eugene Levy plays his dad and Liev Schreiber becomes his eventual nemesis. Magnet Releasing picked the film up out of Toronto and will be released on-demand February 24, 2012 and in theaters starting March 30, 2012.

Have a look at this latest trailer below and tell me if you’re seeing something I’m not. Oh, and it’s not safe for work.