‘Jonah Hex’ Poster and Trailer Debut

John Malkovich in Jonah Hex
Photo: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has just sent over the new poster as well as debuted the first official trailer for Jonah Hex on Yahoo, a trailer I saw last night and think it’s a film that may have the potential to be fun, but I’ll say there are plenty of trouble spots. I mentioned this in a previous post, but the trailer showed in front of my A Nightmare on Elm Street screening last night and when Megan Fox came on screen the audience actually began laughing… not sure that’s a good sign for her career.

The film is based on the DC Comics character and the film stars Josh Brolin as the title character, a scarred bounty hunter tracking a voodoo practitioner (John Malkovich) who wants to raise an army of the undead to liberate the South. Will Arnett, Michael Fassbender and Michael Shannon also star.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below. Have they done the source material justice for those that have read them? Is it too over-the-top? Not over-the-top enough? Personally I think the make-up on Hex looks a bit weak, but it’s hard to judge based on a trailer alone.

The film hits theaters on June 18… and without further delay here’s the trailer and the poster, which you can get a larger look at in the RopeofSilicon gallery right here along with 15 screen captures taken from the trailer such as the one you see above.

Photo: Warner Bros.