CS Video: The Time-Traveling Cast of Project Almanac


Project Almanac

This Friday, Paramount Pictures and, making his feature film debut, director Dean Israelite invite you to experience a new take on cinematic time travel with Project Almanac, a “found footage” science fiction thriller that explores what happens when a group of high school kids unlock the ability to travel in time and quickly find themselves in over their heads.

ComingSoon.net sat down with the young cast of the stylish thriller and, in the video player below, you can check out exclusive interviews with Allen Evangelista (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Zoey 101”), Sam Lerner (Walk of Shame, “Suburgatory”), Jonny Weston (Chasing Mavericks, John Dies at the End), Sofia Black-D’Elia (“Skins,” Ben-Hurand Virginia Gardner (“The Goldbergs,” Good Kids). The group discuss working with Israelite on his first film, an on set atmosphere that encouraged as much improvisation as possible and the work that went into making sure the rules of time travel stayed consistent throughout the story.

Featuring a script by Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman (the scribes behind Paramount Pictures’ upcoming franchise horror entry Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension), Project Almanac hits theaters on January 30.

If you missed it earlier this month, be sure to check out our report from Project Almanac‘s Atlanta, Georgia set, and if you’re interested in exploring some similarly-themed explorations of time travel in film, take a look at our 10 Best Youth-Driven Time Travel Movies