Exclusive Rite of the Shaman Clip Previews Family Drama

ComingSoon is excited to debut an exclusive clip from Rite of the Shaman, the family drama film by director and co-writer Alicia Oberle Farmer. The movie is now available through video-on-demand.

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Rite of the Shaman tells the story of mute high school student Kai’s journey of becoming a hero — a shaman — to his family, and especially to his mother who is battling cancer,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Through the film, Kai evolves from sullen, bullied teenager to accepting his role as the healer or shaman for his family — a role his grandfather held until his passing.”

Check out the exclusive Rite of the Shaman clip below:

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Rite of the Shaman is directed and co-written by Alicia Oberle Farmer. The movie is now available through video-on-demand.


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