respect the jux trailer poster

Exclusive Respect the Jux Trailer and Poster for NYC Action Thriller

ComingSoon is excited to premiere the Respect the Jux trailer for Samuel Goldwyn’s upcoming action thriller. The film is set for theatrical and digital release on May 6, 2022, and stars Jaime Lincoln Smith, Shayne Powell, Tony Sirico, Luis Da Silva Jr., and Robert Costanzo.

“Cat was left in Jamaica by his mother at the tender age of eleven in pursuit of a better life. It would be six years later she was able to send for him and his sister. Within those six years of her absence, Cat becomes a member of The Order, a local gang. Living with his mother in a small apartment in the ghettos of Brooklyn, NY he would become obsessed with obtaining his vision of the American dream,” says the official synopsis. “He finds himself working in a supermarket for minimum wage living with his mother after years of hardship. Cat formed The Order based on the gang he once belonged to in Jamaica to obtain his quest of becoming rich. During a botched robbery, one of them accidentally shoots the daughter of the Mayor of New York City. Cat fleas to Miami and then calls on the members of The Order. A huge score leads to a shootout between members of The Order and the cops and only one man escapes.”

Check out the Respect the Jux trailer below:

Respect the Jux is written and directed by G. H. Goba and is produced by Cordelia Donovan and Milliessa Adon. It runs for 111 minutes.


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