CS Video: Colin Firth and the Cast of Magic in the Moonlight


Now playing in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, Woody Allen’s latest, Magic in the Moonlight, begins its expansion this weekend, bringing fans a “Pygmalion”-influenced look at love and magic with an ensemble cast that includes Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Jacki Weaver and Hamish Linklater.

Set in France in the 1920s, Magic in the Moonlight follows Firth’s Stanley Crawford, a world-famous illusionist equally reknowned for his supreme skepticism. When a young American woman, Sophie Baker (Stone), begins making a name for herself with her own extraordinary abilities, Stanley is called to his friend’s French estate to try to a prove Sophia a charlatan. As his investigation continues, however, Stanley begins to rediscover his faith in both humanity and the wonder of the universe itself.

ComingSoon.net sat down to speak with Firth, Weaver and Linklater about the story’s commentary on filmmaking itself and the “magic act” that Allen has delivered with the Sony Pictures Classics release. Check out the interviews in the player below and take a look at 20 new stills in our just-updated gallery viewer at the bottom of this page.