CS Video Interview: Michel Gondry ‘Defends’ His Mood Indigo


One of the most prolific filmmakers of the past few years, former go-to music video director Michel Gondry is constantly finding new ways to surprise his fans (and possibly himself) by switching between quirky French films to documentaries and animated films and even the occasional studio release.

Mood Indigo falls more into the “quirky French” category, being an adaptation of Boris Vian’s literary work of the same name, once considered a standard among French schoolchildren. It stars three of France’s most popular actors, Romain Duris playing a rich inventor named Colin, Audrey Tautou playing his love interest Chloé and Omar Sy (The Intouchables) playing Colin’s butler and cook, as they explore love in a world filled with the type of wild gadgets and unique visuals Gondry has become known for.

While the title of this feature may seem odd, “defend” is exactly how Gondry describes the promotion he’s been doing in the States for his latest film along with actress Audrey Tautou, maybe because he feels like not all critics have fully comprehended what he was trying to achieve with Mood Indigo. (You have to remember that few Americans will have read Vian’s original novel.)

Comingsoon.net spoke at length with Gondry about the origins of the film, the problems some have had with it, including the decision to shorten the film for American audiences. We also spoke to him about the experience making The Green Hornet with Seth Rogen–he explains why he likes the Tim Burton Batman movies more than the Christopher Nolan ones–and he talks briefly about his next film, which will include a small appearance by Tautou.

You can watch the full interview in the video player below.

Mood Indigo is opening in New York and Los Angeles today and if you’re in New York, you can attend a screening at the Landmark Sunshine Theater and ask Gondry some of your questions about the movie. He will be appearing in person after the screenings on Friday night at 5 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. for a Q ‘n’ A as well as on Saturday, July 19 at 4 and 6 p.m.. Gondry will even be joined for the Friday Q ‘n’ As by the gorgeous Ms. Audrey Tautou, so you won’t want to miss those.