Exclusive: The Outside Story Clip – Getting Caught

ComingSoon.net is excited to premiere an exclusive The Outside Story clip from the film that is set to release April 30 digitally.

Written and directed by Casimir Nozkowski, the story follows Brian Tyree Henry as Charles Young, who winds up locking himself out of his apartment after a spat with his girlfriend. This leads to a misadventure around his neighborhood as he meets his neighbors that he had previously been avoiding. In our clip, Young is put in an awkward situation when a cop (played by Sunita Mani) notices that he’s attempting to break into his own apartment.

Check out the official synopsis for the film below:

Brian Tyree Henry takes on his first big-screen lead role as Charles Young, a broken-hearted video editor. Perceiving a betrayal of trust as a sign his girlfriend Isha (Sonequa Martin-Green) is leaving him, Charles preemptively blows up his relationship and sequesters himself at home.  The fates do not comply and Charles locks himself out of his apartment. Stumbling into a transformational, timely odyssey exploring his community, Charles meets a dynamic ensemble of previously avoided neighbors (including Sunita Mani, Olivia Edward and Asia Kate Dillon) who show him everyone’s got issues and it never helps to keep them all locked up

Our exclusive The Outside Story clip can be seen below:

The Outside Story releases on digital and on demand this Friday, April 30. Producers on the film are Frank Hall Green, Brian Newman, Joseph Stephans and Nozkowski. While executive producers are Evan Thayer, Cameron O’Reilly and Lisa Kleiner Chanoff.