Tell Me Why I Love You Trailer: Family Is Who You Choose

Tell Me I Love You Trailer: Family Is Who You Choose

Vision Films has released the trailer for the modern romantic comedy Tell Me I Love You about a group of musicians going after their dreams featuring original music and LGBTQ themes as well. The film will release on DVD and VOD on June 2 with special virtual Q&A events planned. You can check out the trailer below!

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Ally, Ben, and Melanie are best friends, music graduates and bandmates living together in Malibu. With fame at their fingertips and a desperate need for cash to finish their album, the trio devises an outrageous plan to get married and inherit a large sum of money, all the while attempting to keep it a secret from their nosey extended family. To complicate things even more, an old flame is sparked and a new lover enters the scene, sending the trio on a journey of self-discovery bound together by friendship.

From writer/director Fiona Mackenzie Tell Me Why I Love You stars Kaniehtiio Horn (Death Wish), Paulina Cerrilla, and Sam Clark (Grease Live!) as Melanie, Ally and Ben, 3 best friends and bandmates living together in Malibu, with Renee Morrison (Divergent), Jamie Luner (Melrose Place), Al Sapienza (Jack Ryan) and former O-Town band member Ashley Angel Parker (Hairspray) rounding out the cast.

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An Ascent Media and Chelsea Pictures production, Tell Me I Love You was produced by Fiona Mackenzie and Bill Chamberlain, with cinematography by Carmen Cabana (High Fidelity) and Yash Bhatt, editing by Tim Silano (Home Alone 2, Mrs. Doubtfire) and original music by Sascha Blank.


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