Jack Black Lends a Hand to The Insufferable Groo in New Trailer


Jack Black Lends a Hand to The Insufferable Groo in New Trailer

Jack Black lends a hand to The Insufferable Groo in new trailer

Slash Film has unveiled our first look at the documentary The Insufferable Groo, starring none other than Jack Black. The film (which is all true, folks) follows real-life Utah-based filmmaker Stephen Groo — a man clearly cut from the same cloth as Tommy Wiseau — as he attempts to make his dream movie about an elf who falls in love with a human. Check out the trailer below, along with some of Groo’s other projects!

Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the report:

“THE INSUFFERABLE GROO follows filmmaker Stephen Groo, age 41, a self-proclaimed auteur, narrowing in on his 200th film in 20 years. His oeuvre of outlandishly awful genre films has managed to attract admirers like Napoleon Dynamite’s Jared Hess and Jack Black, but the Utah-based director has never made a dime off of his work, leaving his wife to provide for their family of four small boys. As Groo attempts to make his latest opus, an elf/human love story, his narcissism threatens to prove his undoing in this entertaining look at low-budget guerrilla filmmaking.”

Black and Hess are both on hand to help Groo fulfill his lifelong ambition. Whether or not the filmmaker knows these actors are essentially mocking him remains to be seen.

The Insufferable Groo comes to theaters this December and arrives on VOD on December 14, 2018.

Here are some of the director’s other works. You can find more at his personal YouTube channel.