‘Nacho Libre’ Movie Review (2006)


Nacho Libre Movie ReviewNacho Libre… where do I start with you? You’re a cute a little bugger, I’ll grant you that, but as far as big time laughs, well let’s just say you come up lacking. There is nothing to really sink your teeth into to hate, but then again it’s not a filet mignon of goodness either. I think it’s safe to say it was a vanity project that could’ve gone a lot worse, you know, something like the band Wings.

The paper thin plot of Nacho Libre is of Friar Jack Black trying earnestly to become a Mexican wrestler. The Friar is basically an idiot – I don’t think any other description is really apt. He lives in an orphanage with other orphans; he is the caretaker of the little ones. He makes them soup that looks like mud. Of course he dreams of a better life for himself and the tiny parentless children. Nacho also enjoys spandex a great deal. Wait a sec, whoever the hell is seeing this one for story needs to get back on the meds. Let’s segue into how effective all this plotlike substance was.

The weakness of Nacho Libre becomes apparent when you realize just how sweet it is. If comedy comes from friction and Nacho Libre is like that girl you dated in sixth grade then where are the laughs coming from? Well, they come from Jack’s faces, his sidekick getting thrown around the ring, Jack running like a goof, Jack’s belly and magnificent nipples… but not really from punch lines or dialogue. Ah yes, the dreaded comedy without jokes.

Of course there is good to be had too. Cute isn’t always bad, smiles make the whole world go round and such. I think the film may get better with time, unlike most films, because it has some supremely awkward and stupidly funny moments. Like the pedigree of Napoleon Dynamite, Big Lebowski, and Dude Where’s My Car it could turn into a Friday night with the wrecking crew and some adult beverages. That’s weird for a PG film, I know, but unlike Elf it has some weird adult comedy too.

I think Jack Black was sitting around his loft one day; the world conquered, and wondered what to do next. Somewhere during his pondering (and hopefully after some chemical enhancement) he must have said to himself “self, there has to be a way I can get paid to wear tights, go topless, fake an accent, and throw a ton of weird faces at the camera,” then the Nacho Libre screenplay hit him in the head, much in the same way the apple hit Bill Gates before he discovered gravity. Viola! Jack probably had crazy King Kong and School of Rock juice going and he pretty much could’ve gotten a snuff film greenlit. So he took some cash and went off and had himself some fun. Are we mad at our guy Jack? No. Is Nacho Libre awesome? No. See it if you want to smirk but not guffaw. It’s not offensively bad but not overtly hilarious. Nacho Libre goes off without passion even though it seemed like it had a lot of love to give.


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