‘Slither’ Movie Review (2006)


Slither Movie ReviewIf you saw the trailers and the endless amounts of clips and online promotion for Slither then count yourself as one of the millions that has pretty much seen everything this movie has to offer. Hell, just today (3/30), Universal made available online three new rated R clips from the film that give away a few of the best parts, parts that had not been seen yet. Trust me, the end of this film is not so good that it is any better than the gory moments leading up to it.

For those of you unacquainted with this slimy little flick let me introduce you to Slither. You see, a space alien egg has crash landed on Earth and inside this egg is a gooey little morsel primed to take over the world by way of human infestation. By this I mean it literally worms its way into the human body and takes it over. No one is safe, not even the deer, and don’t get me started on the cows. Yeah, I said cows. Moooooooooooo!

“So is it any good?” you ask. Well, let’s put it this way, you could do far worse. My only real beef with the film is that I had seen most of it already, therefore none of it shocked me or really served as entertaining. Universal did a fantastic job with the first trailer. Oh yeah, Slither, I am going to see that… yeah right. This is what I was saying until I saw that trailer, and everything flipped. Then the clips poured in and then the rated R clips today. Stop giving away the movie please!!!!

Want some pluses? Nathan Fillon is great as Sheriff Bill Pardy. He brings the same quirky humor he brought to Serenity to this one, and even Elizabeth Banks is fun to watch and look at. Michael Rooker has the hardest task with all the gooey prosthetics he has to wear, but he pulls it off like a pro, even once he reaches the Jabba the Hut stage.

Overall Slither is fun. You may have already seen a lot of it in the trailers and clips, but you are still going to enjoy it. Anyway, most of those things always work better once they are seen in context and in line with the rest of the pieces.


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