‘King Kong’ Movie Review (2005)


King Kong Movie ReviewKing Kong is an epic masterpiece with an emphasis on epic. It’s a big film. Big effects, big in scope with a big time story. It’s a beast, pardon the pun. There’s not a lot of chinks in the big ape’s armor. What can you say? I think this Peter Jackson fellow has a real future in film.

If you’ve lived on the planet Blurbles and missed the plot of King Kong I’ll give you a quick run down. Kong is a 25 foot ape who wreaks havoc and destruction on a little place called Skull Island. When a film crew with a crazy director (played by a very capable Jack Black) making a movie stumbles upon Kong their lead actress Ann Darrow is abducted. Then, unbeknownst to the rest of the crew… oh what the heck, you know the story right? It’s freaking King Kong. If you don’t know it by now I can’t help you. Head back to the mothership and take your probing instruments with you.

Speaking of Ms. Ann Darrow she’s played by Naomi Watts and she’s absolute perfection. Watts has an angelic ebullience that punches you right in the heart. She may have the performance of the year here, and after seeing her in Mulholland Dr I think it’s safe to say she’s a clutch hitter. Watts is simply awesome here, especially given the fact that she was most likely acting with a green screen or Andy Zerkis. Her shriek and looks of horror are worth the price of admission alone.

I want to let you in on a little secret since you’ve made it this far. King Kong isn’t an adventure story. Sure King Kong has Dinosaur fights and crazy restless natives, and yeah it’s got the phenomenal brute strength on the beast himself, but it’s still not an action adventure. Kong is a damn love story. You should know this, or relearn it if you’ve forgotten going in. King Kong is about the worst kind of love, unrequited love between a platinum blonde and a mangy beast. This is a tough sell and it’s a credit to everyone involved that they pulled it off in such magnificent fashion. This version of King Kong is the best of the bunch, the final word on the subject.

When King Kong is beating his chest and saying “anybody else want a piece of this?” it’s just good times all around. This may be the first remake of a classic that’s commercially successful, at least until Gone with the Wind II- Big Storm gets green lit by Michael Bay. Kong is a loving adaptation by a genius. The film is “the can’t” miss hit of the holiday season. Quiet frankly it’s what’s for dinner. Belly up to the bar and get your once a generation filling of King Kong. You won’t be disappointed.

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