‘In Her Shoes’ Movie Review (2005)

In Her Shoes Movie ReviewI write reviews that make the whole world sing, I write reviews of love and special things. Basically, I write the reviews, I write the reviews. All Barry Manilow references aside I wonder if this one will come back to haunt me. It’s a movie with heart, a movie with moxie, a movie with a jarring subplot that may make the world cringe.

It’s In Her Shoes! I’m trying to have you catch the fever. It’s a story of sisters bonding, but the rub is one is pretty and stupid, one is ugly and brilliant. The “ug” is played by Toni Colette, but even when they tone her down she’s still better than average. Ms. Cameron Diaz plays the beauty, and to her credit she does seem very dumb, perhaps even quasi differently abled (if that’s the PC term these days).

The sisters get in a monster fight, a life changing fight, and we are left to see how the story plays out. There is an enormous tonal change somewhere in the middle, which is where Shirley MacLaine comes in. Director Curtis Hanson is an underrated director with some stellar movies to his credit such as L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys, and even 8 Mile. He’s certainly proven he can work with all types of material. The main problem with In Her Shoes is it isn’t a romantic comedy, it’s a familial comedy, and truthfully the film is more of a drama than a comedy anyway. It’s an all around in between which audiences tend to dislike. We are simple creatures at heart.

The jarring subplot I mentioned at the outset I can’t really delve into without giving away a plot point, but it is very tempting because it’s rife for satire. Instead I’m going to raise my glass of cognac towards Mark Feuerstein who shines as the male lead. I saw this fellow on the short lived show “Good Morning, Miami” and he also does voice over work all over the place. He’s really good in this and I hope he gets more work as a leading man. Ken Howard is also very strong as the father of the sister duo in limited action. As for Diaz and Collette they deliver in the same manner they have for most of their careers.

In Her Shoes is easily the best of the releases this week, far better than the much higher pubbed Two for the Money. It’s a chick flick with a few laughs for the fellas (as well as some lovely Diaz shots). If you have a wife or girlfriend she could theoretically cry at this movie, so I have to call it effective.



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