‘Fever Pitch’ Movie Review (2005)


Fever Pitch Movie ReviewJimmy Fallon teams up with the Farrelly brothers and Drew Barrymore, and tries to step into Adam Sandler’s big shoes, in the this remake of a British comedy of the same name, Fever Pitch.

In Fever Pitch, Dan (Fallon) is obsessed with his favorite sports team, loveable losers, the Boston Red Sox. While Lindsey (Barrymore) is obsessed with her work, can the two look past their passions for work and sport and find passion with each other?

I have been writing for RopeofSilicon for about a year and a half now, and the one movie I really graded wrong was Jimmy Fallon’s previous vehicle Taxi. For some reason I liked it and gave it a B+. Since then I have been given a hard time by anyone who has seen the film, because, as I now realize, it is bad.

Looking back, I think I was overcompensating for my distaste of Fallon’s performances on “SNL,” driving me crazy by cracking up in every skit. The audience was always freaking out like his cracking up was the funniest thing they had ever seen, but I only found it annoying.

So, pledging to judge this movie strictly on its merits, it was with an open mind I entered the theater, and I can faithfully report this film is an extremely mediocre, typical romantic comedy, which feels very much like a re-make of another film.

Fallon does his best Adam Sandler impression through major parts of the film, and the chemistry between him and Barrymore seems very forced, as both of them try to out-cute one another to where your stomach almost turns. At no point do you believe that these two are so in love that they would actually give up their initial passions for the love they are trying to portray on the screen.

Occasionally the film is funny as it deals with an interesting conflict, the all-consuming love a man can feel for a sports team, and how confusing that can be to others, but overall, it is a harmless film your girlfriend may drag you to, which she will most likely enjoy but boyfriends beware.


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