‘Robots’ Movie Review (2005)


Robots Movie ReviewThere can be a bit too much Robin Williams in this world, but in Robots the right mesh is found along with a well told story that is fit to entertain children and adults alike.

Welcome to Robot City, a city known for its imagination and never ending amount of inventions, a world where an up and coming robot can be and do anything he or she puts it’s mind to and that is just where our story derives.

Meet Rodney Copperbottom, a robot with high hopes to be a master inventor, and not for the money, the fame or the glory, but to help his aging father as his days as a literal dishwasher are nearing an end as his parts are becoming extremely outdated. So fix him, right? Well, things aren’t as easy as they may seem.

You see the main fixture in Robot City has always been Mr. Big Weld, a.k.a. the head cheese of Bigweld Industries, a place where any young inventor can take his idea and make his dreams come true. Bigweld Industries was also the source of all replacement parts for outdated Robots, but unfortunately Bigweld Industries has fallen under new management, Ratchet, a robot destined to either require old robots to upgrade to the latest and greatest or be sent to the trash bin, melted down and lost forever.

This is obviously where our main story comes from and for a bit of comedy relief Robin Williams adds his comedic style to a mixed up bag of bolts named Fender, and luckily his comedy walks the fine line of too much and manages to stay on the same side as bearable.

As for the look of Robots, it is utterly amazing, as every bolt, bit and cog is painstakingly detailed to the point where Robot City virtually becomes a real world.

Robots is a very good film and should finally wedge Blue Sky Studios, also the makers of Ice Age, right up there with the likes of Pixar Animation. However, to compare the look of any of these animated films to one another is just a waste of time as it really comes down to story, considering the technological advances in computer animation, and while this story can seem a bit stale at times the 80 minute running time never allows it to go bad.

Audiences are sure to enjoy the mix of comedy, action and family fun as Robots is poised to settle itself right at the tops of the 2005 box-office.


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