‘Hitch’ Movie Review (2005)


Hitch Movie ReviewMeet the new Golden Boy, Will Smith is the man with the golden hand as everything he seems to be involved with is a hit. Whether he is portraying the ultimate boxer or voicing a scrappy fish Smith has managed to select films that suit his demeanor and please the audience to no end.

This time he extends his good luck touch to those in need as Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, the “Date Doctor”. Hitch, as he is aptly nicknamed, runs a private, hush-hush, little outfit working on referral basis alone with one sole goal, help the men of New York City woo the women of their dreams.

Not only does Hitch help the helpless he also maintains a moral standard by turning down those not out for love. However, love may be his game, but he doesn’t know what to do with it once he gets it himself. Enter Sara (Mendes), a high profile gossip columnist with an eye out for anything suspicious. Once Sara drops into Hitch’s life he doesn’t quite know what to do as she is offering up feelings he has only felt once before.

While Hitch is an extremely sappy and unrealistic look at love that is sure to have the ladies swooning, this is truly a hilarious film. I can’t remember a film in recent history that offered up so many laughs in a trailer that remained laughable once they were seen in the theaters, and then some.

Will Smith is as charismatic as ever, Eva Mendes is drop-dead gorgeous and Kevin Smith is a laugh a minute as he brings the comedic flare that has made “King of Queens” such a big hit to the big screen.

Hitch is likely to bring in big dollars at the box-office, and for good reason, it’s a great movie. Although every turn is predictable you are always enticed to see what is around the corner.


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