Five-Film Die Hard Marathon Coming to Theaters February 13


As part of the celebration surrounding the release of A Good Day to Die Hard, Twentieth Century Fox Film is bringing the entire franchise back to theaters for one day only on Wednesday, February 13.

Full details should be available soon, but the marathon will include the original 1988’s Die Hard, 1990’s Die Hard 2: Die Harder, 1995’s Die Hard with a Vengeance, 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard and the new film, officially described as follows:

Since the first “Die Hard” in 1988, John McClane has found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the skills and attitude to always be the last man standing, making him enemy #1 for terrorists the world over. Now, McClane faces his greatest challenge ever, this time on an international stage, when his estranged son Jack is caught up in the daring prison escape of a rogue Russian leader, and father and son McClane must work together to keep each other alive and keep the world safe for democracy.

You can check out a poster for the marathon event below. Check back soon for full details!

UPDATE: Twentieth Century Fox has also released a slick new infographic poster for the first Die Hard that you can check out below. Look for posters based on the sequels sometime between now and February 14!

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