DiCaprio, Hardy and Maguire Plan Animal Poaching Drama


Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Tobey Maguire are teaming to produce a drama about animal poaching, says a story at The Hollywood Reporter. Likened to Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic, the idea is said to have originated with Hardy and is based on some friends’ actual experiences fighting animal trading on an international scale.

DiCaprio has, for years, been a staunch supporter of animal rights. He can be seen acting alongside Maguire in next summer’s The Great Gatsby. He also starred alongside Hardy in Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Still very early in the planning stages, the project is currently without a screenwriter and the trio of talent is currently only attached to produce. There’s not yet word on whether or not any or all of them might star.

(Photo Credit: Ian Wilson / Brian To / WENN.com)