Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke in Talks for Marble City

Stealth Media Group announced today that Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke are in talks to star in director Ryuhei Kitamura’s Marble City. The announcement was made by Jason Piette, Managing Director of Stealth Media Group LA office. Polaris Pictures’ Producer Jeremy Wall will co-finance the film along with Premiere Pictures. Mike Nilon, Nicolas Cage’s manager, is also Producing.

“Ryuhei is the electric kind of filmmaker that Stealth Media is proud to be in business with,” said Piette. “His vision of action filmmaking is truly unique as seen in ‘Azumi’ and we look forward to bringing a high octane smart action picture to the market that targets the critical young male demographic.”

Marble City takes us on a journey of a newly released prisoner who seeks revenge on those that put him inside. It is the story of a man who finds his inner peace through vengeance.

Jeremy Wall said, “the film is a high action and close combat fighting picture. We will bring a dynamic flair to the screen with this director and story. We are delighted to be attracting the highest caliber of actor in the business to work with us in this venture, namely Oscar winning actor Nicolas Cage and Oscar winning actor Mickey Rourke – let the battle begin.” (Editor’s Note: Rourke was nominated for an Oscar, but hasn’t won one yet).

Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train) said, “This is ‘Kill Bill’ meets ‘Drive.’ The movie is a story of one man’s journey of vengeance on a road filled with rage, bullets and ultra-violence. He needs to go through the darkest places to reach the light in a classic story of revenge, redemption and salvation. I’m fully loaded with an incredible dream cast, great script and complete backing from my producers. Together we’ll take action noir to the next level!”

Marble City was written by Tom Sjolund. The film is scheduled to go into production in early August.


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