Ridley Scott & Fuji Television Team for Japan in a Day


Fuji Television is joining forces with filmmaker and producer Ridley Scott to record and share a single day in the life of Japan. Inspired by Kevin Macdonald’s Life in a Day, the project, entitled Japan in a Day, is dedicated to those who lost their lives and those who are suffering as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

March 11th, 2012 marks the first anniversary of the tragic Great East Japan Earthquake, the most powerful earthquake to have ever struck Japan. The earthquake caused immeasurable damage not only to the stricken areas, but to the nation as a whole. In memory of this unforgettable day, at midnight onwards for 24 hours on Sunday, March 11th 2012, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s Scott Free London and Fuji TV invite you to capture the reality and intimacy of your day and to upload it to YouTube.com/JapaninaDay.

The resulting film will be a powerful and moving snapshot of Japan today, which will premiere in cinemas, and be screened internationally.

Fuji Television is asking for contributions from anyone in Japan and internationally to record a video about their daily life on March 11th, 2012. Videos will be uploaded to a special YouTube “Japan in a Day” website. The best entries, judged by the filmmakers, will be selected from the submitted videos to complete an all-new original movie.

Additionally, Fuji TV will donate 200 cameras to those in the stricken areas. Footage gathered from these cameras as well as Fuji TV’s coverage of the day will also be submitted for selection. The movie will be premiered on the big screen, and Fuji TV plans to donate its profits to victims in the affected areas.

Ridley Scott said: “The ‘Life in a Day’ format that we launched in 2010 was created to offer people around the world the opportunity to become part of a global experiment in filmmaking. By capturing their stories, secrets and wishes, we were able to build a movie-sized snapshot of what it’s like to live on Earth today. ‘Japan in a Day’ is offering us just that, but instead a concentrated insight into the daily lives, hopes, fears and dreams of the Japanese people. We’re excited to see the results and wish Fuji every success in building its own big screen love letter to Japan.”

You can watch the trailer below!

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