Exclusive: Taken Sequel to Film in October


ComingSoon.net had a chance to speak with filmmaker Luc Besson earlier today about Colombiana, an action-thriller he co-wrote and produced, starring Zoe Saldana from Star Trek and Avatar. During the interview, we did get a chance to ask him a bit about the planned Taken Sequel.

Oddly, ComingSoon.net were the ones to first break the scoop about Liam Neeson doing Taken way back in early 2007. (Don’t believe us? Check it out!)

Besson told us that Colombiana director Olivier Megaton has been using his time in Los Angeles to scout locations for the sequel to Taken, which will shoot there for a little bit, and the film itself will start production in October. He said that everyone is back for the sequel including Famke Janssen, who had a small role as Liam Neeson’s ex-wife in the first movie.

Since finishing his most recent film as a director, The Lady starring Michelle Yeoh–a film we hope to catch at the Toronto International Film Festival next month–Besson and his co-writer Robert Mark Kamen have already written two or three other scripts including his rumored return to science fiction (currently called Untitled Luc Besson Sci-Fi Film), although he told us that it’s “not a real sci-fi, it’s a kind of epic thing.”

Look for the rest of our interview, where we talk about Colombiana and a few of Besson’s other projects later this week.

Colombiana opens on Friday, August 26.