SDCC: Gearing Up for the Real Steel Event (Update!)


As mentioned yesterday, DreamWorks is planning on a big event in the Petco Park parking lot for their upcoming action/adventure Real Steel with a “special surprise appearance”… by Hugh Jackman!

The event doesn’t happen for another hour, but swung by early and got a couple quick pics of the set-up including the full-scale Noisy Boy and Ambush robots that were used in the movie directed by Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum).

Check out the pictures below and then check back later today for an update later reporting on what exactly took place at this off-site event.

UPDATE: showed up at the event just as Hugh Jackman got on the back of the truck to give out stuff from the movie to the hundreds of fans in attendance, including this limited edition swag bag seen here, T-shirts, two HP Touchpads, a ticket for one lucky fan to the Real Steel premiere and also two tickets for Saturday’s in-demand Cowboys & Aliens premiere. Jackman then spent another ten or fifteen minutes fielding questions from the fans, mostly about other projects, and even sang a bit.

Real Steel opens in regular and IMAX theaters on October 7.