An Update on the Planned American Pie 4

“Like anything, if they’re going to go back to it, they want to get it right,” he told us. “Hurwitz and Schlossberg, the guys who did ‘Harold & Kumar’ are going to direct and I’m hoping to have something to look at it in the New Year. We’ll see when that fits in. As you can imagine, a lot of it has to do with scheduling of the actors because they’re all busy. Alyson (Hannigan’s) got the show and the baby, so she’s got plenty on her plate, so there’s a lot of people who have a lot of things to do, and I think if we get a script–which I think we will–that everybody is excited about it, and then it’s going to be about the schedule, because it’s going to be really hard to get that gang back together. Because I think that’s one of the things – we want to get everybody back together then you’ve got to do it right.”

And when asked exactly who they may bring them back, being that many of the cast from the original movie weren’t in the third movie, American Wedding, Perry responded, “I think that’s part of the debate. For me, it makes sense to bring everybody back, because at a certain point, if you start winding it down, it isn’t what it’s meant to be, and I feel like those characters have become part of the cultural lexicon, you kind of know who they are, and I think there’s an interest in seeing where they are, because they haven’t been on screen for seven years. I think people will say, ‘I wonder what happened to…’ and I think that’s a very effective way to back into this movie is having people wonder what did happen to those guys and what did happen to those girls, and I think that’s part of the interest of it, because you know they’re funny characters, you know they’re likeable characters, but where are they now?”

“I think everybody here grew up with those movies in their own special way, so why not see if we can tap into that?” he said when asked about whether the movie is geared more towards the movie’s older fans or if it will try to interest the current 15 – 20 demographic who may have been too young the first time around. “I think if the humor is such–which all of them can be consistent–the younger audience will at least understand that or understand why it’s funny and go for it.”