Robert Zemeckis Planning Timeless


Robert Zemeckis will be returning to live-action films with a sci-fi tentpole called Timeless, reports Deadline.

Details are scarce, but Timeless is said to have come from a time travel pitch at Warner Bros. and is confirmed to be the director’s first live-action project since 2000’s Cast Away. Beginning with 2004’s The Polar Express, Zemeckis has worked exclusively with performance capture animation on films like Beowulf and the upcoming Yellow Submarine.

A frequent subject in Zemeckis’ films, time travel is most famously associated with the Back to the Future trilogy, but also plays a storytelling role in his most recent film, A Christmas Carol. Stylistic elements of time travel (particularly an examination of characters from two distinctive eras) are visible in nearly all of the director’s works, particularly Forrest Gump.