New Viral Clip from Paranormal Activity 2


Last night as I stood in the rush line for the chance at a ticket to the first sold-out screening of Darren Bousman’s new film Mother’s Day, a small, nondescript package showed up on the doorstep of the house where I’m staying during Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. When I opened it right before going to bed later that evening, I discovered that I’d been sent something that might give me nightmares: a new, exclusive clip from Paranormal Activity 2.

Directed by Tod Williams from a script by Michael R. Perry, Paranormal Activity 2 continues the terrifying story of a young woman pursued and possessed by an unknown, sinister force. The clip we received, meanwhile, shows a child wandering through an empty house late at night; what precisely this has to do with Katie Featherstone’s experiences in the original film remains to be seen, but the found-footage format is the same, ensuring that folks will be equally scared by the forthcoming follow-up. Take a look at this quick clip, and let us know what you see in the footage.

Other sites reportedly received different clips from the film, but given the brevity of the footage it seems unlikely that they fit together in any particular way. Or do they?