Bill & Ted 3 in Development


Following a number of rumors about the possibility of such a project, MTV has officially confirmed that a third Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure film is in the early planning stages with word from one of the original film’s stars, Alex Winter.

“[W]e have finally hit upon an idea that we think is pretty great,” said Winter, who also revealed that original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon are currently working on the screenplay.

Recently, Keanu Reeves revealed that, while he is not currently attached to the potential sequel, he’s all for the possibility of returning to the character.

Though no specific plot details are available, Winter did suggest that the film will take place in proportionate real time to the original, meaning that the as-of-yet-untitled story will be set roughly two decades after 1989’s Excellent Adventure and it’s 1991 sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Credited with a major launching point in the the career of Reeves, Bill & Ted spawned, in addition to a theatrical sequel, two animated series and short-lived live-action television show (featuring a completely different cast).

While it sounds certain that Reeves and Winter will return for the third film, how to deal with the late George Carlin’s Rufus has already raised some questions in the scripting process. Click here for full details over at MTV.