Guy Pearce Headlines Mis-Fits Cast


Guy Pearce and Catalina Sandino Moreno have joined the cast of Mis-Fits, a comedy from L.D. Napier, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Likened to Harold and Maude and described as a “wacky comedy” by producer Doug Claybourne, Mis-Fits is said to deal with a “necro-detective” who searches for the spirits of the dead. Though unconfirmed, the Detective, Sam, is likely to be played by Pearce who will join the previously-attached Seymour Cassel and Cloris Leachman.

L.D. Napier, who wrote the script, will also direct. Best known for her work as a playwright, including the 2008 production “The G Word: For Those Born Later”. Napier also wrote the novel “Here Comes the Sun…”, inspired by true stories of Hurricane Katrina.