Who Will Try to Cheat Death in Final Destination 5 ?


Heat Vision reports that David Koechner, Nicholas D’Agosto, P.J. Byrne and Ellen Wroe are joining the already-cast Miles Fisher in Final Destination 5, being directed by Steven Quale from a Eric Heisserer script.

The fifth installment sees the new batch of victims, co-workers on a corporate retreat, escaping the collapse of a city’s suspension bridge.

Koechner is playing a clueless executivem while D’Agosto, is playing a guy who doesn’t make fast decisions in his own life. Byrne plays an obnoxious kleptomaniac, and Wroe plays the daughter of a company executive, a woman with gymnast training who is a little snobby and for whom everything is a contest.

Tony Todd will also be back as Mr. Bludworth.

Filming is starting on September 13 in Vancouver.