First Official Arthur Images


Though some spy photos have already made it online since the New York City shoot began, The New York Times today published the first official images from the upcoming Arthur.

The film, a remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore vehicle, stars Russell Brand in the title role of a wealthy socialite whose affection for alcohol and extravagant partying has prevented any move at responsibility. He comes to a crossroads when he’s told that his inheritance will be lost unless he marries a specific woman.

To what extent the remake will depart from the original remains to be seen, but Helen Mirren, who plays Arthur’s nanny, is quoted in the Times‘ article as saying she’s not entirely fond of the original:

“I just didn’t think a film about a drunken small guy was remotely funny. The reality about alcoholics is that they’re boring and tedious, and I’d spent enough nights in pubs with drunken boys to know it was not something I’d ever want to be caught up in. And I particularly objected to the way women were depicted — which was something I felt about most movies I saw back then — as kind of slave-enablers.”

Check out the newly released images below: