What is 2nd Mass ?


Moments ago, ComingSoon.net received a package marked with a logo for something called 2nd Mass containing a bubble-wrapped object with a note marked “PLAY ME”.

Inside that was a beaten-up flipcam and a charred note that read, “You have been chosen to join the 2ndMass PRESS PLAY 2ndmass.com

The website contains geographical markers pointing to a location that Google Maps indicates is in San Diego. Meanwhile, one of the website’s hyperlinks contains a countdown clock that seems to indicate that something will be happening during the con.

The address on the back of the package matches that of Turner Entertainment.

UPDATE: If this is a Turner property, the most likely candidate is Falling Skies, the new Steven Spielberg-produced series that has announced plans for Comic-Con.

Below is the video featured on the flipcam: